Top Ruby on Rails Development Companies in Vietnam

For an information technology enthusiast, you will probably know and be very interested in frameworks. Amongst many different frameworks, programming languages, such as Java, C ++, PHP, ... Ruby On Rails have become one of the most popular languages ​​for web development programmers. 

Thus, professionally, what does the term Ruby on Rails mean? In this article, we will talk about some important things to know about Ruby on Rails, as well as recommendations about top Ruby on Rails development companies in Vietnam


What is Ruby on Rails? 

Ruby on Rails is a web framework written in the Ruby programming language under the MIT license or in other words, Ruby on Rails is a control model framework (MVC) that also provides default constructs for databases used in building and developing web applications. The first version of Ruby on Rails was introduced to the community in 2015. Ruby on Rails is free and open-source software developed by David Heinemeier Hansson.

Specifically, Ruby is a programming language, while Rails is a web application framework designed to work perfectly with Ruby. Ruby is quite simple to learn, and it's interesting too. Learning Ruby is easier than other programming languages. But the only problem with Ruby is that it wasn't designed for use on the web until Rails came out. Rails are the most popular framework for Ruby, which basically allows us to write a Ruby application and run it as a web page. Some popular websites are currently built on Ruby on Rails such as SoundCloud, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Bloomberg, Twitter (with version since 2006)... 


Why is Ruby on Rails so popular? 

There are a number of reasons why Ruby on Rails is so often chosen. 

The first reason is simply that its syntax is very simple and beginner-friendly. Learning to code in Ruby is much easier than any other programming language because it is so versatile that it provides us with the CLI command line window tool that automates many common tasks during creation, thereby increasing working speed and efficiency. 


Secondly, Ruby on Rails is built on the most modern practices in website building and development so once you master Ruby on Rails you will easily switch to another web framework. Ruby on Rails was created and brought a lot of benefits to other web frameworks such as: J2EE, .NET. In addition, to ensure this software process is quick and easy, Ruby on Rails programmers often use many conventions. From there, undertaking and handling multiple tasks will become easier; These tasks are: mail management, file structures, object- database mappers, code generation ... This is one of the outstanding features of Ruby on Rails that help programmers to simplify coding and broadcasting much faster and easier to understand and maintain. 


Besides that, there are dozens of large companies using it. This proves the usefulness and excellence of Ruby on Rails compared to other programming languages. 


What are the advantages of Ruby on Rails? 

Code Quality: In general, the quality of the software that supports Ruby code is considered to be much higher than that of others.


Performance: Ruby on Rails is one of the very neat programming languages, so when using it you can combine it with other support libraries. From there, the development process will become much faster. 


Tools: The user will be provided with a super standard structure for web applications. Thanks to that, we can easily deploy all the features without spending too much time. 


Libraries: Ruby on Rails is capable of providing users with gems and all of these gems are free and easy to use.


Community: Right now, the Ruby community is very popular. Therefore, the number of good programmers is gradually joining the Ruby community. 


Does Ruby on Rails have downsides or not? 

Of course, for each different programming language, there are different disadvantages, and Ruby on Rails is no exception: 


Ruby on Rails has a relatively slower runtime compared to NodeJS or GoLang. This issue occurs due to its server design as well as the database. 


Besides, the boot speed of the Rails framework causes a lot of frustration for developers to work with Rails. Later, Sping was born that could somewhat improve the speed of boot, but it was still evaluated by many experts as not really good.


Vietnam - the perfect destination for Ruby on Rails projects


Among many countries with advantages in technology - software around the world, Vietnam is one of the countries that are noticed with 3 main factors:


The labor force is at the "golden peak" of the population

Obviously, since the end of the war and peace has been maintained until now, half of the Vietnamese population is under 30 years of age, with an optimistic personality, intelligence, and well-educated personality. In addition, the education system in Vietnam is also highly appreciated by foreign experts, focusing on mathematical research and technologies supporting the IT industry.


Good English communication and presentation skills

Good English communication and presentation is actually just a necessary condition. In fact, the sufficient condition to choose Vietnam is still the uniformity in the application of English in work and learning among the leading IT staff. Since Vietnam has applied many standards of English education and measurement into vocational training schools of this 'era' character.


Good educational program

Every year, the Vietnamese education system successfully trains nearly 280,000 students with full specialized knowledge and soft skills, and therefore, are ready to enter the labor market professionally. Among them, there are about 30,000 to 40,000 graduates in the field of Information and Communication Technology, and this is the main resource for providing software outsourcing services to partners around the world.


Top Ruby on Rails companies in Vietnam



FPT Software was founded in 1999 by 13 members of FPT Group, it's by 2019 the most important software services company in Vietnam, with generated revenue in 2018 of $ 370 million and workforce off abundant employees expertise in diverse programming languages - including Ruby on Rails, a new, modern and highly applicable language. 


FPT Software's services include Analytics, IoT, Mobility, Cloud, Embedded systems, Q&A testing, Legacy Migration, Package Implementation, Application Service, and BPO services.


Saigon Technology

With nearly a decade of establishment and development with the world information technology industry in general and in Vietnam in particular, Saigon Technology has been occupying a high position in the top 15 best software companies in Vietnam, with more than 100 highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, Saigon Technology always makes every effort to bring the best products to customers.


Service fields of Saigon Technology range from finance, healthcare, banking, home appliances ... to trending e-Commerce and m-Commerce, for programming languages such as ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, Ruby on Rails, iOS, and Android / React Native.



Founded in Belgium in 1999, PYCOGROUP is formed from passionate consultants and developers from diverse cultures around the globe, PYCOGroups' talents help accelerate digital transformation and supply results-oriented solutions. They are also highly skilled developers with experience handling projects from a variety of programming languages, including Ruby on Rails.


As a dynamic team of 550 employees, the group has also found new business projects in Vietnam by cooperating with YellowPepper, Atlassian, Magnolia, Ansarada, and MessageMedia.



NCC is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, and is a network of young and passionate software engineers, talented and specialized in a variety of programming languages, such as the one we are talking about - Ruby on Rails. NCC has been operating for over 6 years and so far, NCC has always kept the same mission as in the beginning, as a team of skilled experts in software development.


They use their passion for development to provide the best software applications, with the combination of technology and excellent communication skills between customers and employees, NCC is loved by many clients worldwide.



During 8 years of operating in the Vietnam market until today, Rikkeisoft has achieved great success and a team of amazing talents with knowledge in many social fields to always serve customers in the best direction. In addition, the developers here are fluent in many different programming languages, including Ruby on Rails.


Overall, Rikkeisoft has tried to successfully carry out many projects for its Japanese customers. Moreover, every step of Rikkeisoft has the enthusiastic orientation of the Executive Board of Rikkeisoft, including experienced leaders with global thinking.


Groove Technology

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a fanatical team of up to 250 talented members, Groove Technology boasts a team of talented staff specializing during a sort of different programming languages - including Ruby on Rails - offering high-quality, including advanced software development services through a singular, integrated resource model, Groove Technology helps smart businesses maximize opportunities, make sure the well-being of the members and increase profits.



With over 150 employees, HDWEBSOFT has the resources and skills to handle any web, mobile, or software project. They've been trusted by clients around the world, starting from early-stage startups to large companies. 


Located at the heart of Saigon, Vietnam, HDWEBSOFT offers a wide range of services to deliver the highest quality products, together with talented software engineers specializing in a variety of programming languages, and of which, Ruby on Rails - modern and efficient.


Synova Solutions

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Synova Solutions is considered one of the leading youthful and dynamic teams in Vietnam. They encourage the "laissez-faire" mentality. Employees are encouraged to share within the company's decision-making process by engaging in activities like setting goals and making recommendations. We increase employee accountability; forming self-managed groups to enhance the standard of living; and collect survey responses to make synergy and real value for our company.


As a result, Synova's young staff received compliments from many customers for many software technology products, and many of them have the name 'Ruby on Rails'.


Softline Asia Pacific

In the global Information Technology solutions and services, it is proved that Softline Asia Pacific is a leading provider focused on emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Americas, and Asia. They would support their customers achieve digital transformation and protect their business with cybersecurity technologies. Their services include end-to-end technology solutions, public and personal clouds, software and hardware provisioning, and a broad array of associated services.


In addition, one of the outstanding and successful products at Softline Asia Pacific is also thanks to a familiar name throughout this article, which is Ruby on Rails.


Qor Development

QOR Development is considered to be a trusted US Based outsourcing company focused on providing companies with experienced technology professionals. With Senior Developers, Data Analysts, and QA Engineers we guarantee your project has the experienced full-time technology experts in software engineering needed for the fulfillment, especially with the project of Ruby on Rails.


Our internal team evaluates all candidates and qualifies every developer supported their experience, skills, and skill to speak effectively. The QorDev evaluation process and the team are formed of IT leaders who have served as executives and hiring managers for positions like engineering, development, project management, specializing in IT. Collectively they need to hire over 100s engineers for the giant to medium size companies within the US.