Top SaaS Development Companies in Vietnam.

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Top SaaS Development Companies in Vietnam.

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Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights focuses on sharing vital information on everything that you need to know while looking for the right software development vendor. Among the many articles that are shared on the site is the article on the top SaaS companies. Well, you might be already wondering how and why these companies were chosen.

The top Saas (Software as a service) article features a list of the best software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam. This is according to customer reviews and reviews from reliable sites like Tech Reviewer, Tech Times, Vietnam Software Association, Goodfirms, and Clutch.


Here We Look at The Key Reasons The Top 20 SaaS Companies in The List Were Chosen


Customer Review

Checking reviews from previous customers is one the best ways of determining any company’s ability to deliver on software development projects. SaaS is a new trend that is gaining popularity at an alarming rate.

Thus, you will find many companies in the market that claim to offer the best service in this field, but you can gauge any company’s ability through customer reviews. For example, all the top SaaS companies in the Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights list have many positive reviews from previous customers.


Service Quality

Many companies in that industry claim to provide high-quality SaaS services, but only a few have the capacity to deliver services that meet your requirements. The top SaaS companies in this list have a proven record of delivering excellent services in this field. As a result, these companies have many returning customers and also gained more clients through referrals.


Companies’ Certificate

Companies’ certification demonstrates the firm’s commitment to upholding industry standards, superior professionalism, and continued improvement in delivering software development services. Therefore, it is important to choose a company that has relevant certifications for your SaaS project. All the companies that make it to this list have obtained company certifications, which has boosted their prestige and credibility within their network.


Company Size

Company size is one of the key factors in determining the top software development companies in any field. The right SaaS Company should not fall short of your expectations in terms of culture fit, professional mindset, and quality.

Large SaaS companies are more suitable for complex projects as they have more resources and staff, while small companies with great customer reviews are ideal for smaller projects. If a company is too big and appears to work more with large enterprises, it may pay less attention to some of your specific needs.

On the other hand, if a company is too small, it might lack the experience required to work on such a scale. Thus, company size was a key factor in choosing either of the SaaS companies in this particular list.



Revenue is a key indicator of companies’ performance in delivering SaaS services. Companies with higher revenues are more likely to have the capacity to handle various SaaS projects.


Sustainable development of Companies

Usually, companies that focus more on sustainable development invest more in the future. The list includes companies with higher sustainable development to help you find a progressive SaaS services provider.


The Popularity of SaaS in This Day and Age

Service-as-Software product is developed based on a cloud computing platform and is managed remotely, conveniently, and used by developers selling services on these applications to customers all over the world. Some of the typical SaaS common applications that we can say, most of us have heard or used at least once, and are:



As an 'encyclopedia' of all information around the world, Google is no longer a strange name to today's society. What do you wish to find, what do you wish to figure out? Just enter the search term into the Google search bar, in a blink of an eye, you would have everything you need with just one click.

And of course, I can confidently confirm that for those who are reading this line, no one has ever used Google - I bet you found this article through the top Google results?



As a cloud-based service, Zoom Meeting gives you a virtual meeting, virtual meeting experience with many characters, user-real relationships. Attendees can join the meeting without logging into the app, but having to register an account to organize the online meeting.



As a proprietary business communication platform trusted by a large number of customers from near and far around the world, Slack was developed by the American software company Slack Technologies, providing many IRC-style features. Using Slack, users can seamlessly chat (by channel) sorted by topic, private group, and direct messaging.



Dropbox is a file storage service operated by the company Dropbox, Inc. of America. The way Dropbox works is also based on the cloud platform. Users can upload their data to Dropbox as a private storage place, or use Dropbox as a tool to share their photos, data, memories ... with others based on the variety of this product.



Born in Australia in 2012, Canva has gradually become loved and trusted by a large number of users worldwide for its flexibility, richness, and ease of access. Canva is a graphic design website that uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photos, graphics, and fonts. It is used by both graphic design professionals and amateur photography enthusiasts.


Why Vietnam for Saas? 

Vietnam is now among the most reliable software development destinations in the world today. One of the main areas of specialization is SaaS. The country has a number of top SaaS companies that offer high-quality services to both local and international customers. Besides, Vietnam has one of the most affordable and skilled developers with the best price in the world.