The appearance and influence of software products is undeniable in the modern life of most mankind today. However, with the increasing demand of businesses and organizations in digital transformation, the number of highly skilled personnel enough to meet these technical requirements is not really uniform at different locations, regions / countries.
03/11/2021 -
Not too 'adventurous' like software development outsourcing, yet too heavy on recruiting responsibilities - maintaining and training like permanent IT staff recruiting, IT staffing nowadays has been emerging as a trend popular among businesses. It can be said that IT Staffing is one of the most classic types of human resources, including finding and hiring a team of IT engineers for your own business.
01/20/2021 -
For quite  a long time, software technology was no longer an unfamiliar concept. Instead, software emerged and interfered quite deeply in many areas of the profession, many aspects of the life of society - or so to each of us. The importance and great role of software needs to be clearly and concretely recognized so that we can come up with the right moves to stimulate business, deliver better customer experiences and improve profitability - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that has been extremely complicated worldwide to date.
12/21/2020 -
Apparently, the widespread coverage and rapid growth of SaaS are still not enough for everyone with a passion for software technology to clearly understand itself. The following article will partly give you a clear and confident view of SaaS - with detailed information about top SaaS solution companies in Vietnam, so that you can understand correctly and enough to turn your ideas and technology projects in the most appropriate way.
12/14/2020 -
‘Cloud migration’? Have you ever heard about this term? It is possible that everyone of us has heard some news about ‘cloud migration’. However, the practical concepts of ‘cloud migration’ are still not really popular, especially for those who do not really have expertise in software science and technology.
12/09/2020 -
The value of the mobile app market is expected to hit the $6.3 trillion mark by 2021. Additionally, a report by App Annie on the state of mobile 2019 indicates that by 2018, there were more than 194 billion app downloads, with the app stores generating revenues of more than $101 billion.
03/03/2021 -
Along with the development of the world, the Information technology industry plays a particularly important role, especially when all economic, political, social activities ... are gradually digitized, the development of Mobile applications to serve the very large number of mobile users today are essential.
12/15/2020 -
Amid the rapidly growing wave of e-Commerce e-commerce platforms and other interactive, e-wallet payments trends, this technological shift has allowed companies to offer customers more choice of products.
12/21/2020 -
In other words, the first thing you need to do is to find out about top offshore development companies in areas with strong software technology. But besides, is price one of your top concerns too? Then, Asia is truly a place you should not miss - especially Vietnam.
12/21/2020 -
.NET is a programming platform - and can be said to be quite familiar to those working and learning about the software engineering industry. .NET is seen as an effective support platform because most of the software's success has included .NET.
12/15/2020 -