Python - A Versatile High-level Programming Language

Why is Python called 'the programming language of the times'? First of all, let's look at the goals that users can achieve using Python: writing games, data science, and AI, web programming ... These are all popular technological goals in the modern era. Today, it plays an important role in promoting the advancement of science.


Secondly, in addition to the 'multitasking' factor, Python also appeared at the 3rd most popular position in the ranking of most used and searched programming languages ​​in August 2020 of the TIOBE Community Index - an index of the popularity of programming languages ​​updated once a month, based on numbers of skilled engineers worldwide, courses and third-party suppliers, tools Popular searches like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Baidu are used to calculate rankings.


So, aside from the reminiscent of the 'Python' and the symbol of the two snakes, what else do we not know about Python? The following article will help you have a better view of this programming language.


What do we know about Python?

Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991, Python's design philosophy emphasizes the readability of code with remarkable use of whitespace. According to Wikipedia, Python is a general-purpose, high-level, interpreted programming language, with its linguistic constructs and object-oriented approach aimed at helping programmers write clear, logical code for small and large scale projects.


In what technology is Python being used?


Web development

The first factor to mention is Web Development. Thanks to the frameworks Python uses to create web applications, Python is able to create web pages quickly and efficiently. Today, almost all software has gradually become decoupled from platforms, requiring the browser to run the software, thereby providing software access on any device. In addition, Python is capable of supporting major Internet protocols, the ability to support and run web-based systems and applications.


A number of web platforms developed from Python range from entry-level to a high level, including Flask, Bottle, Pyramid to Django, Plone - a ready-to-use content management system.


Various types of games

Nowadays, games are not just for children with simple drawings and content. Gaming is nowadays seen as a 'companion' to adults, in terms of complexity and richer content.


For a long time, Python has been loved and used during game writing thanks to one key factor: developers can intervene and make small tweaks within seconds without needing to completely rebuild the entire game and sometimes even do not need to be restarted. Thanks to this utility, Python is used as the main programming language when designing games in the 'Android ecosystem'.


However, Python became famous not only for its convenience and scalability but also because developers used Python as the main scripting language in over 60% of AA and AAA titles, compared to Lua and Ruby.


Data Science

Sometimes ‘money’ isn't just about papers or numbers in accounts. In business, 'money' is also contained in the data you have, depending on how you mine that data, how you accept (conditionally) risks, and from there calculate how to build the strategy.


Python Libraries will help you conquer the data you have, through Panda, NumPy.


Machine learning and AI

Considered the future of all humanity, machine learning, and AI play an important role in deciding the future lives of our children and grandchildren. As new trends, most people involved in Big data, machine learning, and AI research and development will first think of Python to use as a powerful tool.


Why is Python and not any other language? Because besides ‘convenience’, Python also has Libraries available, always ready to support with a lot of available information, so that, along with the algorithm, users can easily get solutions to their problems.


Study data from Web sites

If you know how to properly apply Python, it will help you collect data from websites, which will assist you in comparing prices, job listings, research and development, and more.



Perhaps after reading through the headlines, you will have the question of why I give so much praise to Python who was born so late. With 10 years of experience in software technology and 8 years of leading Saigon Technology, I - Thanh Pham, have always observed and learned everything that happens around me. From the perspective of a leader as well as a longtime developer to me, other programming languages ​​are often too specific for some technology or device. Even applications with countless published uses, like Java or C, are always limited to some tasks due to their object-oriented or functional nature.


So, if you're still wondering about the flexibility of Ruby vs Python, well, I'm just asking you one simple question: "Are you sure Ruby will run on the webcam?"