Top .NET and .NET Core Development Companies in Vietnam

.NET is a programming platform – and can be said to be quite familiar to those working and learning about the software engineering industry. .NET is seen as an effective support platform because most of the software’s success has included .NET. However, we cannot ignore the usefulness of .NET Core – ‘close’ siblings to .NET as they were both born and developed by Microsoft. Briefly, one of the best scenarios where .Net Core can be applied across multiple platforms When your application requires running on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.


So, in the countries specializing in .NET and .NET Core development in Asia – the continent has just started to be famous for its strengths in software technology, and more specifically, Vietnam. Thus, which is the best choice for businesses that need support for .NET and .NET Core-related projects? The answer will be in the following article, with the universality of knowledge going from the smallest points to the list of top 10 .NET and .NET Core development companies in Vietnam.


What is .NET as well as .NET Core

The .NET Framework is developed by Microsoft and runs mainly on the Windows operating system. There's also an open-source project - it's called Mono. Mono provides a cross-platform .NET Framework compatibility toolkit (such as runtime, C# compiler, etc.).


On the other hand, .NET Core is especially useful when it comes to processing software products related to cloud computing, or re-establishing cumbersome applications of organizations/businesses into small branched applications to serve users more effectively for more detailed purposes.


How to tell .NET & .NET Core apart?

In 2002, Microsoft officially launched the .NET Framework, which only works on Windows. In particular, the application platforms such as Winforms, WPF, ASP.NET (1-4) operate based on the .NET Framework.


11 years later, in 2013, Microsoft re-researched the market and made a cross-platform approach. From there, .NET Core was unveiled. .NET core is currently used in the Universal Windows platform and ASP.NET Core applications. The .NET Core is also considered a cross-platform of the original .NET framework, specifically used to develop websites, servers, and console apps on Windows, Linux, and macOS.


How .NET works

The correlation between .NET Core and .NET is probably the neutrality and innovation of .NET Core - the 'brother' developed by Microsoft. The .NET framework itself has several design principles that make it popular and trusted. Such as:

Interoperability: The .Net framework provides a great deal of mutual support.

Portability: Applications built on .Net framework can work on any Windows platform.

High Security: The .NET Framework has a security mechanism that is believed to be optimal and reliable.

‘Garbage collectors’: works efficiently and on a fixed schedule to free up storage resources, thereby creating memory comfort.


Then, when would Developers use .NET Core?

.NET Core itself is a cross-platform framework and is always open, free, and ready for multi-purposes. Developers, however, will need to use .NET Core when their products are related to cloud computing, or re-establish and adapt a large application of the organization into small service branching applications. can better serve the users/customers of the business.


Specifically, it provides Web user interfaces and Web APIs, which make it easy to combine different client-side frameworks. The separate Web API and MVC are now unified. However, there are still specific applications that .NET Core does not support such as WPF, Win Forms, and SignalR.


In fact, .NET Core is becoming more and more popular because of the main reasons, which can be summarized below:

- When your application needs to run on many different platforms

- When it comes to Microservices

- When required flexibility for containers.

- When the product requires more flexible expansion in the future

- When the command-line interface (CLI) is promoted and plays a key role


What makes Vietnam a reliable destination for .NET and .NET Core development?

CIO magazine suggests that software outsourcing in Vietnam saves up to 90% of costs, compared with software development in the United States. Even better, when compared to India, software development in Vietnam is 1/3 to 1/7 times cheaper. In fact, outsourcing in Vietnam is being recognized as a cost-effective, high-quality software development solution in Asia. More specifically, for products using .NET and .NET Core frameworks, Vietnam is also an ideal outsourcing destination thanks to its solid and rapid software development industry foundation over the past 10 years.


Young dynamic human resources

The workforce also has a much lower turnover and stability than most countries operating in other outsourcing sectors. To talk about one of the factors that make Vietnam a reliable destination, we must talk about a young, enthusiastic, and highly specialized workforce. In general, companies in Vietnam have an IT-related revenue ratio of less than 5%, while in many other countries, such as India, it could be 10% or even higher.


Advanced talent pool

With a workforce at a young age and still highly capable of dedication, Vietnam has confidently promoted education and developed software technology. Thus, it can be said that Vietnam has gradually asserted its responsiveness to the technology industry worldwide, then, become one of the most trusted offshore software outsourcing destinations.


Flexibly competitive Price

Since the main goal of outsourcing is to reduce costs, countries with more competitive outsourcing costs will naturally gain the upper hand when any business thinks about this option.


Currently, the primary location for outsourcing in the world is India. However, if considered within the reasonable price range, a Vietnamese developer has a cost of 30% lower than an Indian developer, accompanied by products of equivalent high quality and capacity power is not inferior.


Top 10 .NET and .NET Core development companies in Vietnam

To talk about companies with the ability and resources to create products developed from .NET and hybrid .NET Core platforms, the following software teams and companies must be mentioned:


Saigon Technology

Being trusted by a large number of customers from the US, Canada, Australia ... with many large-scale projects for many multidisciplinary brands, Saigon Technology is proud to engrave its name on the list of 15 best software companies in Vietnam. for many consecutive years. It can be said that the success that Saigon Technology has today depends a lot on human factors with the contribution of nearly 150 dedicated and professional Developer experts.


It is no coincidence that Saigon Technology is included in the list of the top 15 national companies. Obviously, with the ability to flexibly adapt to different scale projects, in many interesting fields such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, logistics,...


The Developers team at Saigon Technology is fluent in a variety of programming languages. such as ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, iOS and Android / React Native, and most importantly, the competitive service price and the quality confirmed over the years, Saigon Technology is sure to be a perfect name for supporting most of your ideas or projects!


CMC Technology

CMC was established in 1993 and has affirmed its position in the Vietnamese market and many countries around the world through key business activities. Up to now, CMC Technology has completed many projects and brought to the market a series of high-quality technology products with good reputation.


The company has also implemented many successful projects on different needs of customers such as cloud migration, software development ... in many fields such as tax, education, healthcare for a wide range of businesses. And in order to successfully implement high-quality software products, CMC has also used professionally .NET and .NET Core as two tool levers to produce the best final result possible.


Axon Active

Founded from the parent company - Swiss-based, in 2008, Axon Active brought to Vietnam a high-performance software distribution infrastructure, offering outsourced organizations providing the perfect combination of management, Agile, and Scrum practice, technology skills, and industry knowledge.


Axon Active builds strong partnerships with its customers by bringing together the right development teams to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions at very competitive prices, with many different services. The company has more than 500 experts in software engineering, working in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho (Vietnam), and some other locations.


Groove Technology

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a team of up to 250 talented members, Groove Technology is considered a pioneer - paving the way for advanced software technology production, consisting of advanced software development services through an integrated resource model, Groove Technology has supported a lot of businesses maximize opportunities, ensure the well-being of the members and increase profits.


When it comes to Groove Technology, customers will immediately think of a professional working attitude, excellent trend-ahead services such as high-quality products, and out-of-the-box product development, designed based on many different frameworks - including .NET & .NET Core development, and maintenance responsibilities.



NCC is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, and is a network of young and passionate software engineers. NCC was founded in 2014 by 4 software engineers, up now, NCC has always kept the same mission as in the beginning, as a team of skilled experts in software development. 


They use their passion for development to provide the best software applications, with the combination of technology and excellent communication skills between customers and employees, NCC is loved by many clients worldwide.


HD Websoft

With more than 150 employees and a convenient geographic location in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, HDWebsoft is a software development company with enough resources and capabilities to handle any web, mobile projects.


They can assist customers with Web application development, web development and maintenance, and mobile application development services.


Agile Tech

In the 5-year journey, AgileTech has implemented more than 100 projects in a variety of industries from e-commerce, tourism, fintech to business management, social media, and more. AgileTech is known as a quality outsourcing company in Website Development, Mobile Applications, Blockchain Services, AI Services - Big Data.


With talented IT resources, the company has built a wide range of products and become a technical partner for international startups with millions of dollars in investment.



EZtek is headquartered in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with expertise in web application development and mobile application development combined with overseas cost benefits. EZtek is ready to provide high-quality software development services to optimize business situations, primarily focused on minimizing project costs and maximizing customer profit.


EZtek's team consists of young and talented professionals, well trained to meet the needs of clients in a one-time software development project or hire a dedicated software development team. Software engineers at EZtek are proficient in programming languages and frameworks, with .NET and .NET Core being one of the bright spots for EZtek.


S3 Corp

S3Corp is one of the prominent software development service providers in the Vietnamese market with a global reach. S3 Corp employs a team of scalable talent with extensive experience in the outsourcing industry along with adopting proven processes and standards, providing clients with diverse software services. 


Their services range from full software development, new feature development, existing feature enhancement, test automation tool development, maintenance and inspection support services, and more.



At Innotech Vietnam, they always strive for creativity, innovation, development, and innovative solutions. The company provides a wide range of software services to meet all requirements and expectations from customers and transforms these innovative technologies into value for customers through professional solutions and services business all over the world.


Innotech serves many customers all over the world, especially in Vietnam, Japan, the USA, Australia, Singapore with more than 200 successfully completed projects.



Addressing the unique challenges of your business with .NET and .NET Core development is the key to realizing your business objectives and scaling up. These companies, including Saigon Technology, have a proven track record and sound portfolios that position them at the top of Vietnam’s .NET and .NET Core development industry.