Top Offshore Software Development Companies in Vietnam

Maybe many other academic educational articles will say that information technology is becoming the “king” of the global economy, leading to a lot of races between businesses to dominate the customers as well as the market. Well, we don’t deny that is unreasonable, but, frankly, we simply want to let you know that, if you choose the right team from the very beginning and with high responsibility, you will have the opportunity to sleep better every night and feel secure about the quality of service they bring.


In other words, the first thing you need to do is to find out about top offshore development companies in areas with strong software technology. But besides, is price one of your top concerns too? Then, Asia is truly a place you should not miss – especially Vietnam.


Why do we have to conduct software outsourcing?

Simply put, not all countries or organizations have the ideal human resources and talent to be able to shoulder the task of advancing technology.


Considering that your workforce in your region is incapable of doing this for your business, it is best to find yourself a qualified and knowledgeable team to do so. At this point, ‘software outsourcing’ is used as a great idea. By transferring the project and its wishes to a third party for execution, and simply monitoring it remotely. This is seen as an alternative to outsourcing software that is hiring and building internal teams. There can be significant and significant benefits to be made of using an experienced developer with well-defined transparent processes.


How should the concept of 'offshore' be understood?

In fact, even if the workforce in your country is adequately resourced to undertake software engineering product projects, is it certain that their knowledge and capabilities are sufficient to develop whether the product has the stature to catch up with the world technology and trade trends or not.


First of all, if you want to understand what 'offshore' is, you have to have a general understanding of ‘onshore’ and ‘nearshore’.

- Onshore: are companies and teams specializing in software technology, which are geographically close to your business, such as in the same country or the same continent.

- Nearshore: are companies and teams specializing in software technology, geographically located close to your business, in the same continent.

- Offshore: are companies and teams specializing in software technology, with a remote geographical location - different from continents, and especially in different time zones.


What is the difference between regions/ countries around the world in software development?

Differences are found in the rate of development overtime of that territory/country and also based on their standard of living and economic conditions. In 2017, A.T Kearney conducted a 2017 Global Service Placement Index survey showing a number of countries that are considered Top IT Outsourcing Services destinations.



The latest Tholons' top 100 outsourcing cities further indicate China, the Philippines, and Vietnam are leading the pack from Asia. Asia in recent years has always been a software outsourcing destination attracting the most businesses in the world, with the following prominent countries:



India has been well-known as a reasonable outsourcing destination with a large pool of low-cost software developers and programmers. Besides the little costs of $15/hour, the Indian urban population is also highly educated and semi-skilled in upcoming technical aspects.



Although only entering the software industry for more than 20 years, the country is turning out to be a small but vibrant powerhouse for technology and software development outsourcing. The Asian-Pacific nation was the most improved in regards to the rank of software outsourcing servicing by the Global Services Location Index 201.


Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is emerging as a reliable outsourcing powerhouse region preferred by companies looking to be cost-fair regarding their software development outsourcing options. In which, the leading countries must include the following:



Ukraine doubles up as the most promising country offering excellent software outsourcing services. The state does have a skill pool of almost 100,000 IT and Software professionals versed in the latest technology capabilities. Moreover, the education system boasts of graduating over 30,000 students in IT-related fields from the local universities.



Corporations have also begun looking closer to home with outsourcing solutions and Romania has offered continuous competition to developed countries like Poland, Bulgaria, and most of all Ukraine. There are over 60.000 Romanians working in the local outsourcing sector, contributing to almost 20% of the outsourced software development workforce in Central and East Europe.


Why Vietnam for your final destination for offshore development?

It is no coincidence that Vietnam is affectionately referred to by Forbes as "a small but mighty country", and it is not simply that this country was chosen to become one of the top ideal destinations for software development outsourcing. The Vietnamese government has recognized the potential to be seen as a global leader in software development - looking beyond the "world conference" possibilities and instead, building a solid foundation for its successful technology.


Stable disease situation

One of the critical reasons that Vietnam is able to assert the world about political stability and the working environment right now is its ability to control and control disease caused by a coronavirus.


Worldwide, there have been more than millions of COVID-19 cases and thousands of people passed away due to the pandemic. Especially in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has overtaken Indonesia, becoming the region's largest epidemic zone.


Highly competitive Price

Since the main goal of outsourcing is to reduce costs, countries with more competitive outsourcing costs will naturally gain the upper hand when any business thinks about this option.


Currently, the primary location for outsourcing in the world is India. However, if considered within the reasonable price range, a Vietnamese developer has a cost of 30% lower than an Indian developer, accompanied by products of equivalent high quality and capacity power is not inferior.


Young and Dynamic working age

60% of Vietnam's population is under 30 years old, while the population of Vietnam is more than 97 million people. In Vietnam, the young generation has been well taken care of by the government for education and spiritual life. Therefore, the number of young software developer teams is increasing in number and it's not difficult to understand.


Top offshore software development companies in Vietnam

Saigon Technology

Being trusted by a large number of customers from the US, Canada, Australia ... with many large-scale projects for many multidisciplinary brands, Saigon Technology is proud to engrave its name on the list of 15 best software companies in Vietnam. for many consecutive years. It can be said that the success that Saigon Technology has today depends a lot on human factors with the contribution of nearly 150 dedicated and professional Developer experts. 


It is no coincidence that Saigon Technology is included in the list of the top 15 national companies. Obviously, with the ability to flexibly adapt to different scale projects, in many interesting fields such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, logistics ...  The Developers team at Saigon Technology is fluent in a variety of programming languages. such as ASP.NET, AngularJS, NodeJS, React JS, iOS and Android / React Native, and most importantly, the competitive service price and the quality confirmed over the years, Saigon Technology is sure to be a perfect name for supporting most of your ideas or projects!



As a dynamic team of 550 employees, the PYCOGroup has also set up new business projects in Vietnam by cooperating with YellowPepper, Atlassian, Magnolia, Ansarada and MessageMedia. 


Founded in Belgium in 1999, PYCOGROUP is made up of passionate consultants and developers from diverse cultures around the globe, PYCOGroups' talented team members help accelerate digital transformation and provide results-oriented solutions. The Group has implemented many offshore software development projects for many major partners around the world.


Amaris Consulting

Amaris Consulting is a vibrant technology consulting firm that provides guidance and solutions for businesses. It brings together more than 7,000 people of 95 different nationalities, spread across 5 continents and more than 60 countries.


With over 1,000 customers, Amaris has deployed solutions to large projects for over a decade across many different project scopes, including offshore software development projects to make it easy for businesses and keep the software product on a budget. Their specialists are involved in all industries ranging from financial services and transportation, to healthcare and technology.


Axon Active

Founded from the parent company - Swiss-based, in 2008, Axon Active brought to Vietnam a high-performance software distribution infrastructure, offering outsourced organizations providing the perfect combination of management, Agile and Scrum practice, technology skills, and industry knowledge.


Axon Active builds strong partnerships with its customers by bringing together the right development teams to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions at very competitive prices, with many different services - in which offshore software development is one of the most outstanding services. The company has more than 500 experts in software engineering, working in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho (Vietnam), and some other locations.


Groove Technology

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a team of up to 250 talented members, Groove Technology is considered a pioneer - paving the way for advanced software technology production, including advanced software development services through a unique, integrated resource model, Groove Technology helps smart businesses maximize opportunities, ensure the well-being of the members and increase profits.


When it comes to Groove Technology, customers will immediately think of a professional working attitude, excellent trend-ahead services such as cloud migration, high-quality products, and out-of-the-box product development and maintenance customers' expectations.



Established in 2012, over the past 8 years of operation, Rikkeisoft has passed with great success and a team of amazing talents, Rikkeisoft has tried to successfully carry out many projects for its Japanese clients. All of their direct departments are top-of-the-line and customer considerate, making it possible for them to quickly devise solutions and services for their customers. 


Rikkeisoft has received many positive compliments and comments thanks to the software products it brings to businesses & the world. In which, offshore software development is also one of the outstanding services here.



At Innotech Vietnam, they always strive for creativity, innovation, development, and innovative solutions. The company provides a wide range of software services to meet all requirements and expectations from customers and transforms these innovative technologies into value for customers through professional solutions and services business all over the world.


Innotech serves many customers all over the world, especially in Vietnam, Japan, the USA, Australia, Singapore with more than 200 successfully completed projects.



NCC is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, and is a network of young and passionate software engineers. NCC was founded in 2014 by 4 software engineers, up now, NCC has always kept the same mission as in the beginning, as a team of skilled experts in software development. They use their passion for development to provide the best software applications, with the combination of technology and excellent communication skills between customers and employees, NCC is loved by many clients worldwide


HD Websoft

With more than 150 employees and a convenient geographic location in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, HDWebsoft is a software development company with enough resources and capabilities to handle any web, mobile projects.  They can assist customers with Web application development, web development and maintenance, and mobile application development services.


S3 Corp

S3Corp is one of the prominent software development service providers in the Vietnamese market with a global reach. S3 Corp employs a team of scalable talent with extensive experience in the outsourcing industry along with adopting proven processes and standards, providing clients with diverse software services. 


Their services range from full software development, new feature development, existing feature enhancement, test automation tool development, maintenance and inspection support services, and more.


Agile Tech

In the 5-year journey, AgileTech has implemented more than 100 projects in a variety of industries from e-commerce, tourism, fintech to business management, social media, and more. AgileTech is known as a quality outsourcing company in Website Development, Mobile Applications, Blockchain Services, AI Services - Big Data. 


With talented IT resources, the company has built a wide range of products and become a technical partner for international startups with millions of dollars in investment.



Addressing the unique challenges of your business with offshore software development is the key to realizing your business objectives and scaling up. These companies, including Saigon Technology, have a proven track record and sound portfolios that position them at the top of Vietnam’s offshore software development industry.