K&G Technology 


K&G Technology is a leading IT outsourcing service provider specializing in software and mobile application development. We are based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and strive to deliver fully customized systems to streamline our clients' business operations. 

We have extensive experience in the software industry and across various industries within and beyond the Asia-Pacific region. We have worked with clients and built a profound experience in Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, France, Japan and the United Kingdom. 

Our competencies 

K&G Technology 

We combine our experience, the latest technologies and the innovation of our team of talented, certified and skilled developers to deliver top IT solutions that meet all the quality checks and address all the unique needs of our clients. 

We have proven competencies in: 

  • Web development 
  • Custom software development 
  • Mobile application development 
  • Dedicated team 
  • IT outsourcing service 

We also have extensive experience in utilizing top technologies and frameworks in delivering our solutions. Some of these include C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Objective-C, iOS, Android, etc. 

Why K&G Technology? 

  1. Our services are competitively priced. 
  2. We maintain the highest quality standards in our development. We offer our clients a 1-year guarantee free. 
  3. We have extensive experience in the industry since we were founded in 2003. 

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