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Hachinet Inc. is a software outsourcing company based in Hanoi, Vietnam and with additional offices in Vinh, Vietnam and California, USA. We were founded in 2018 and specialize in delivering tailor-made software-outsourcing services.

We have worked with clients across the world who trust our services. We have also established partnerships with businesses and brands, including NAL, Beetsoft, IT Partners Link, Viettel, TTC, OMNI, DEHA Solutions, AZET and HACHI-X. With these partners trusting our services, we demonstrate our commitment to seeing our clients succeed.

Our services 

Hachinet Vietnam

Behind our success is a team of more than 20 certified, competent and highly innovative software engineers. We boast of a strong competence in technologies and frameworks, including Angular, Bootstrap, LumX, Protractor, Java, .NET, PHP, NodeJS, MongoDB, SQL Server, etc.

Our services include: 

  • Web development
  • Business system application
  • Mobile and application development
  • Cobol development
  • Front-end outsourcing development
  • Java system development

Our services cut across industries, including telecommunication, office automation, audiovisuals and media, among others.

Call us for trusted offshore development services 

  1. Clients across Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region trust our services.
  2. We have a robust portfolio and reliable testimonials from our partners and past clients, demonstrating our competencies and the quality of our services.
  3. Our team has extensive experience utilizing powerful technologies and frameworks to deliver impactful solutions.

We believe we are the ideal partner to help transform your business ideas into powerful software solutions. Call us today for our affordable tailor-made services.


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