Evotek is a software development company based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are focused on providing smart tools and solutions to our clients for digital transformation. Since we were founded in 2018, we have leveraged our market experience, our network partners locally and internationally, and our competitively priced solutions to deliver quality software services to our clients. 

Our vision is to become the leading software development solutions provider in Vietnam and the global market. We aim to achieve this by utilizing cutting-edge methodologies and design thinking to transform our clients' and partners' ideas into actionable solutions. 

Areas of expertise 


Our expertise cuts across various fields, including:

  • Web development 
  • Mobile application development 
  • Custom software development 
  • Product design 
  • System software architecture design and integration
  • Blockchain 
  • Software outsourcing 
  • Software consulting 

The quality and innovativeness of our services have earned us recognition in the industry. We were featured as one of the Top Custom Software Development Companies in 2020. Additionally, these have accorded an opportunity to work and partner with brands, including FPT Software, iCheck, Sim ALo, Messup, BKav, and Veitcombank. 

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Evotek has substantive experience transforming ideas into innovative software solutions. With our competencies in the latest technologies and trends, experience working with clients in Vietnam and beyond, and our effective development approaches, we are best-placed to be your outsourcing partner of choice. 

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