ACTE Solutions 


ACTE Solutions is a French-owned IT solutions provider based in Hi Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We specialize in creating responsive and user-friendly software solutions to help our clients manage their data effectively. Additionally, our services are secure, cost-effective and offer a high level of performance. 

We ride on the principles of transparency and openness. We are always willing and open to collaborate and share with our clients and partners on how to improve the quality of our products for improved functionality. Our goal is to meet and surpass the demands and expectations of our clients. 

Our Services 

ACTE Solutions 

A team of highly skilled qualified and experienced IT professionals heads us. Our competencies include: 

  • Web application development 
  • Mobile app development 
  • Cloud technology integration 
  • Hosting services 
  • IoT, Data Visualization and Smart meter 
  • Analytics 

Our team is dedicated to continuous upskilling to increase and expand their mastery of the technology stacks and keep up with the industry's latest trends. Our competencies have earned us hundreds of clients and partners, including Roman Garrigue, Keizer Karel, Phoenix Yoyhges, Nomad Ledger, CoverUS Insurance and Woodnet, among others. 

Why us?

We have experience delivering software solutions ranging from simple web designs to complex software solutions. Regardless of the nature of the project, we guarantee our clients secure and high-performance services. Further, we have established partnerships with clients and brands, demonstrating our capabilities and dedicated to assuring our clients of quality solutions. 

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